About Us

We deliver a quality manicures and pedicures in a stylish, clean, and friendly atmosphere. We believe in continuously improving our services and staff to keep up with the modern times in order to provide our clients with a refreshing experience. We take importance in providing our clients with the best customer service and we aim to uphold that tradition.

working hours

  • 9:30am : 7:00pm Monday
  • 9:30am : 7:00pm Tuesday
  • 9:30am : 7:00pm Wednesday
  • 9:30am : 7:00pm Thursday
  • 9:00am : 7:00pm Friday
  • 9:00am : 7:00pm Saturday
  • 10:00am : 5:00pm Sunday


Olivia Parker

They are so kind and spend their time on my issue and work my nails super AMAZING. Moreover, the salon is clean , tidy and fresh! I feel so...


Sylvia Nickell

If cleanliness is important to you, this is the place. This salon is professional, clean , and has the most relaxing atmosphere. Highly recommend!


Ebbs Teeh

I'm getting married and I can here with my brides maids for mani-pedis. I really enjoyed my experience there, the atmosphere was wonderful and the...



Contact info

1520 Central Park Blvd, Fredericksburg, VA 22401

(540) 702-1029